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  • What are the vaccine requirements?
    We require all dogs to be up to date on their Distemper/Parvo combo (DA2PP or similar), as well as their Rabies vaccination. We also highly recommend the Bordetella vaccine, as well as regular dewormer and flea/tick preventative in the summer months! We require all cats to be up to date on their combo vaccine (FVRCP or similar) as well as their Rabies vaccination as well. We do recommend regular deworming as well!
  • Does my pet need to be fixed?
    Not necessarily! That is up to your discretion. As long as your pup does not show aggression, excessive humping, obsession, or other unwanted behaviours we would be happy to have them. Any females in heat will be unable to play in daycare/playgroups however to avoid unwanted pregnancy or other issues. Please notify us if your pup is in heat or is expecting to enter it soon!
  • What can I expect after my pet's stay?
    They may be a bit tired after their day(s) of fun and cuddles, but otherwise, we always hope to send home happy pets! Not every animal does well with the change in routine, however, if you have any concerns after their stay please do not hesitate to let us know!
  • What is kennel cough?
    "Kennel cough" is much like the common cold/flu in humans. It can be picked up anywhere there is a concentration of dogs (ie. boarding, doggie daycare, veterinary clinics, dog parks, etc.) While the Bordetella vaccine fights it, it does not protect against all strains. We keep up to date on all our cleaning protocols to combat it, but sometimes despite our best efforts it can sneak through! If we know of any outbreaks, we will do our best to notify everyone. If your dog is exhibiting symptoms (a hacking cough, lethargy, etc.), please notify us and keep your pet at home until a week after their symptoms have subsided. In most dogs it will pass through their system without other intervention, however, if you are ever concerned please contact your veterinarian!
  • I won't be able to pick up my pet before closing. What can I do?
    We do offer a late pick-up option with appointment starting at $15, so if you know what time you will be back, we would be happy to accommodate you! Otherwise, we would be happy to have them for (another) night of boarding.
  • What do I need to bring?
    The bare minimum needed is a leash/carrier to get them into our facility! As well as any medication/supplements they may need. We highly recommend you also bring their regular food (though we do have a kennel diet we can feed them for an additional $2/day.) You are free to bring any personal effects (ie. blankets, toys, etc.), however, please note that they could end up destroyed. It is a different environment for them, so they may act differently here and decide to become destructive. If your pet has any history of this in your own home please let us know about it as well! No need for any dishes or litterboxes, we have plenty! However, if your pet requires a special feeder, please feel free to bring it along as well!
  • What does an average day look like?
    We spend as much time with your beloved pets as possible! On an average day: 7-9am - Breakfast and let outs into our yards (individually and/or in small playgroups) 9-12pm - Rotation through the yards to play, as well as access to their individual runs if the weather allows. 12-2pm - Lunch time (if requested) and quiet time! 2-5pm - More rotations for play! 5-6pm - Supper time! 6-9pm - Individual attention and play 9pm onwards: Bedtime pee breaks and time for sleep! We do not allow our feline into the yards for safety reasons, however, they are rotated to have free roam in our cat room with their cat trees and toys as well! As well, there is always lots of cleaning sprinkled throughout to make sure everyone stays healthy and happy!
  • My pet needs to be fed at 10pm, etc. Can you accommodate that?
    Yes! If there are any routines you do with your pet please do not hesitate to let us know. Do they need a cookie after being let outside for a pee? No problem! Have a puppy that needs to be let out more often? That's fine! We'd love to know your schedule in order to have their stay be as least disruptive as possible. Do not hesitate to let us know of any special requests!
  • My dog is dog selective. Can they still come?
    We'd love to try them! Our daycare is on the smaller side and is supervised as much as possible in order to minimize any negative altercations that may occur. We do have a separate room for older/smaller/slower pets if needed as well! While daycare may not be suitable for every dog, it doesn't hurt to try!
  • What can I expect after a day of daycare?
    A tired pup! We will do our best to both tire them out physically AND mentally by doing games with them throughout the day. Whether that be obedience drills, puzzle games, etc.! As well, there may be a few mild scratches from play since dogs do play with their teeth and nails! We will be sure to notify you of any marks we haven't noticed before, and if anything serious were to occur we will notify you ASAP!
  • What is a half day?
    A half day is any daycare stay under 6 hours!
  • Do you offer training?
    While our focus is currently on boarding and daycare, if you require help with dog training do not hesitate to contact us! We can offer one-on-one training sessions, or would be happy to direct you to other professionals in our area.
  • Do you offer pet sitting?
    Contact us! We do have experience in pet sitting, however, while our staff numbers remain low, we may not be able to accommodate all pet sitting requests at this time.
  • I still have questions
    Please email us at or call/text (306) 471-7210 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have! You may also message us on Facebook or Instagram!
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