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Doggie daycare is a great way for social dogs to get out of the house and play with their friends while you may be busy at work or otherwise! We have a dedicated space just for play with rubber flooring to make sure any rough housing isn't too hard on your pup's joints, as well, it is supervised to ensure nice play. We welcome any and all dogs to come try it out! The only requirement we have is all pets must be up-to-date on their vaccines. We welcome unaltered dogs based on their temperament. No females in heat!

We have many toys and equipment to keep them busy and active throughout the day! We structure our day to involve free play, obedience practicing, and other fun games to work their minds as well as their bodies. If your pup needs a nap or lunch break we also have many suites available for them to lay down for a short while until they are ready to play again!

Do you have an older, smaller, or slower dog you're not sure is able to keep up with the hustle and bustle? We do have separate, multi-purpose rooms for those that can't keep up with the young pups anymore but still like to come out and make friends! 

While daycare may not be the right fit for every dog, we would love to try them in our facility! Numbers are kept small in order to ensure everyone is safe and gets their own adequate attention throughout the day. We require dogs to be brought in on leash, however, once they are in the daycare we practice 'naked play' so no collars are ruined and to ensure less accidents happen!


Full Day

One dog - $22
Two dogs (same family) - $33

Punch card (10 visits, one dog) - $200
Punch card (10 visits, two dogs) - $300

Half Day (Less than 6 hours)

One dog - $18
Two dogs (same family) - $27

Punch card (10 visits, one dog) - $160
Punch card (10 visits, two dogs) - $240

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